Building Rehabilitative Toys

Toys and Technology for Rehabilitation

Role: Interviews and observations with therapists, patients, and parents. Prototoype development. Graphic design.

Toy and Technology for Rehabilitation is a collaboration between experts in rehabilitative medicine, orthopedics, industrial design, engineering and computing. The toys designed can both help children with cerebral palsey improve their arm and hand function. The toys collect data to measure the impact of therapy on range of movement. New controllers were designed, to be used with readily available slot and RC cars, to encourage wrist and arm movement in the patient’s weaker arm.

Featured in The Boston Globe.

Child uses early stage prototype. Testing helped refine form of controller.

Testing early stage prototype with a child.

Prototype developed to combine pronation and supination activities. Poster used at Rehabilitative Toy Fair.

Poster for toy fair presentation.

Working with child to use

Setting up race car controller for a child.