GIF showing grouping feature.

Property Groups

Role: UX design. Usability research.

Team included a project manager, front and back end developers, and quality assurance.

Work completed as an employee of Buildium.


Buildum is a full-featured property management software with a full suite of reports. 10% of the comments on the user forum we related to customizing reports to include specific properties. The application could include all properties, the properties of a single owner, but not multiple owners or a subset of an owner's properties. Our inability to do this was causing our customers to combine reports in third party software or manually in excel. This was time consuming and frustrating for our clients.

This project solved this problem by paying attention to the most common tasks performed by the users.

Some of our assumptions were:


To validate the assumptions and get a better understanding of our users, I wrote and analyzed a survey. We had 75 responses from current customers.

Key findings

Sketch Sketch

Concept Iteration

Below are two of the concepts that were generated and prototyped for testing.

Multi-select Drop Down

This concept stays close to what the users were already seeing but adds a check box to allow for multi-select. The user would be albe to create ad hoc groups.


Multi-select Panel

The drop down contains the option to select multiple. The screen below shows the panel that opens when this is selected. This version also has an option to save the grouping.



We tested the prototypes with six participants.

What we wanted to find out:

What we found out:

Final Design

Based on our test, I created another design that addressed the issues brought up by the participants. It was important to make clear what had been selected. In addition the scope of the project was expanded by the stake holders. They liked the feature enough that they wanted to be able to use it everywhere a property could be selected instead of just in the reporting section of the application as was originally scoped. This mean that a modal would be the best way to be able to incorporate into our existing framework. In addition we though the solution should save the groupings which means that there would have to be means to save, edit, and delete.

Final screen for manage groups-drop down
Final screen for manage groups-manage groups
Final screen for manage groups-add group