Mass Spectrometer Software Interface

Role: Interface designer. Developed requirements document and wireframes.

Work completed as an employee of BCA.

Our client needed a simple to use software application that could control an ultra-low flow pump used with a mass spectrometer. They wanted an interface that made it easy to adjust the flow rate, view graphic readout of rates, and identify errors conditions.

When a test protocol is run in a laboratory environment there are often several packages of software running at the same time which compete for the researcher’s attention. Knowing if the equipment is operating correctly can save hours or days of testing time.


Wireframe for ULF Pump application showing all drop down menu items open.

Screen Capture

The goal for this project was to develop a software interface that was simple to use in a multi task environment. I developed a single screen interface that displays icons for software control, customizable graphing area, flow rate controls, warning area, and graphical valve position control. The final result is an interface that is easy to quickly scan for issues in real time.

Screen capture for ULF Pump application.